Edwin den Braber

Dr. den Braber received his initial training as a Clinical Toxicologist at the Faculty of Medicine of the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. In 1997, in close cooperation with Clemson Universities renowned Bioengineering department, he also concluded his doctorate here, which focussed on implant – tissue interactions, biomaterial design, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.
After 8 pharma focussed years with GSK and Akzo Nobel Organon (now MSD), Edwin returned to medical devices by joining Tyco Healthcare, contributing to its 2007 Covidien spinout as their Vice President Medical and Clinical Affairs EMEA. With his 2009 appointment with the Wright Medical Group as their VP Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Affairs & QA, he eventually returned to his roots, developing and supporting Wrights implants, biomaterials, tissue graft based regenerative medicine product portfolio.
Currently, Edwin is Trust Consultancy’s main partner for medical devices and regenerative medicine companies with a focus on European markets. As his private professional enthusing topics, Edwin lists engineering cell instructive biomaterials and implants, complex tissue regeneration, 3D bioprinting, and applied medicine.

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