Call for Innovation

Technology Platform Score  (out of 40 possible points)

A high scoring technology will:

         Represent significant innovation (compared to currently available technologies)

         Enable products or services not currently available on the wound care market

         IP  patent protection

         Have a well-defined path to commercialization 

The highest scoring technologies will be potentially “game changing,” as opposed to “enabling” or “incremental.”

All else being equal, a technology that has been de-risked by significant development should receive a higher score than a very early stage technology.  However, a technology that has all of the above characteristics should not be marked down simply because it is early stage.

Product or Service Score    (out of 30 possible points)

A high scoring product or service will:

         Address a significant market pain or unmet need

         Represents significant value to the market (in other words, customers will be willing to pay a significant price for the product or service)

         Have a well-defined path to market validation

         Represent a high barrier to entry for existing and potential competitors

         Be superior to existing solutions

Markets Served Score    (out of 20 possible points)

A high scoring market opportunity will: 

         Constitute a large commercial opportunity (either now or in the near future)

         Be likely to grow in the future (as opposed to a mature and/or declining market)

         Have accessible distribution channels

            A finalist should not be marked down in this category simply because no market currently exists if it will create a new and substantial market. 

Management Score     (out of 10 possible points)

A high scoring management team will have a positive attitude regarding  commercialization of the technology.  In other words, management must be willing to:

         Consider taking on investment capital if appropriate,

         Be open to spinning out or licensing a promising technology if appropriate, and

         Be willing to invest management time and resources in commercialization activities.